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Fenua Lockers is Tahiti’s first on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers locations to store personal items in Papeete and at the international airport. Whether you are looking for short-term locker rentals alternatives, daily space, Fenua Lockers gives you instant storage anywhere, anytime. With rates starting at a minimum of 11€ per day coupled with the best in industry insurance of 850€, you can secure your items affordably with peace of mind. Fenua Lockers’s unique and digitally coded tamper-proof seal makes it a safer and convenient alternative to any conventional locker storage. All our partner locations are manually vetted, verified, and trained to handle your stuff safely.

In short, Fenua Lockers is Your Instant Storage Space, so you can enjoy the city hassle-free.


Booking and payment

Booking a Fenua Lockers is super quick! To make a booking, visit, select the address, your check in/check out date and time to see all nearby locations that fit your needs. Once you select a location, just put in your card info to complete the booking through our secure payment system powered by Stripe or you can also use Paypal.

Please note that for security and planning reasons, you need to book online, so we can hold your spot. You can cancel up to 72 hours after your payment date to get a full refund. Any booking that is not made online is not a Fenua Lockers booking and is not eligible for our services including the 850€ insurance.

Online booking and payment are mandatory. Fenua Lockers points do not accept luggage without online booking for insurance and security purposes. The booking process only takes few minutes and our website is mobile friendly.

The cost for our service is a flat rate of 8€ per bag per day, in addition to a service fee of 3€ per reservation. This means that for each bag you wish to store, you will be charged 8€ per day of storage, and there will be a separate service fee of 3€ per reservation.

Actual Storage

Fenua Lockers locations are local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and retail shops that have extra space and want to help you store your items in a safe, convenient and affordable way. Each location is verified and trained by our team before being listed on the site. 

Location is manually verified for safety and trained by our team before being listed on the site. Upon arrival, we give you uniquely coded tamper proof seals for your bags (provided free). To give you that extra peace of mind, every booking is covered by a 850€ insurance.

You can store most items as long as they are safe and legal. They must also be accepted by the host at our verified Fenua Lockers Location.

Please note that our partners at Fenua Lockers Locations have the authority to check your baggage in case he/she suspects you of carrying any illegal items. In some cases, the host may ask you to show the items in your bag and if they are not satisfied, they may completely refuse you service. We will fully refund your booking fee in such cases.

There is no size limit as our locations use their own storage spaces rather than fixed size lockers. Our locations do reserve the right to request that an item that weighs more than 75 lbs or 35 kgs will be charged as two items, or may reject to store it.